Rules & Regulations

  1. Students are expected to attend school regularly, bring all textbooks, copybooks, workbooks and stationary supplies.
  2. Students are expected to wear the uniform [as written below] and uniform should be clean and pressed.
  3. Girls are expected to keep their hair oiled and tight in 2 braids.
  4. Boys are to keep their hair short above the shirt collar and no side burns.
  5. Students are forbidden to bring mobile phones and camera or any type of media and recording devices.
  6. Students should not bring any large amount of money.
  7. Students should remember they should act at all times in a polite and respectful manner to staff & everyone.
  8. Students should NEVER be in possession of tobacco items, narcotics, alcohol or any harmful substances.
  9. Student should NEVER be in possession of any kind of weapon.

School uniform

  1. Colors are green and white.
  2. Girls – K.G to Class 3rd Green Check Frocks
  3. Girls – 4th to 5th Green Skirts and checked blouses.
  4. Girls – 6th to 12th Green Salwar and Green checked Kurta.
  5. Boys – [ALL CLASSES] Green Pants and Green Checked shirts Long sleeves.
  6. For all students black shoes and green socks.

Our discipline is good and with a Staff Discipline Committee in place our Rules & Regulations are clear to everyone. Our discipline is good because since 1948 discipline has always been an integral part of the teaching process & Learning process.

Beginning with the founding Manager, Ms. Dolly Chitwood and the Principal of many years, Mr. M.M. Lal discipline has and continues to be primary.

Our Principal Mr. Arvind Longson and staff are also excellent in keeping discipline…and we have very good teachers and staff!